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A Silly Dog Refuses To Ride The Escalator Unless His Human Picks Him Up And Carries Him

Dogs are called human beings; they can do anything for you. But sometimes our dog companion needs some help with the simplest tasks. Of course, you will do anything for your dogs, and this guy is no different. He found his dog looking a little scared, so he decided to hug him to help him.

This guy is going out in the mall with his furry friend. Who would have thought such a large dog would be so soft? But not fear; this master is not to give a small obstacle blocking their way. Instead of forcing his scared dog up the escalator, he lifts it and holds it in his arms. We can see why this video is such a hit. The dog looks completely relaxed in the owner’s arms—almost like a four-legged baby.

Do not forget to see when this man brought his dog up an escalator in the video below. Also, at Pawsplanet, we like to hear all of your opinions. So, let us know what you think of the article in the comment section.

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He found his dog looked a little scared so he decided to hug him to help him.

Credit: LADbible

The dog looks completely relaxed and relaxed in the owner’s arms – almost like a four-legged baby.

Credit: LADbible

Watch video here!

h/t: LADbible

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