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30 Times Dog Owners Raise A Dog But It Grows Up To Be A House Bear

16. “I know that you are making fun of me, actually my bear shape and look. It’s one of the things that I can’t control, sister.”

17. I can’t hold you anymore, baby.

18. “My mom told me to sit up like a queen and I do.”

19. You are not just bigger a bit, baby.

20. “My mom is combing my fur like she used to do for me. The difference here is I’m much taller and bigger than her.”

21. “Such a boring evening! Why don’t you take a walk with me?”

22. A strong, trustful friend and guardian!

23. “Hang out with my friends!”

24. “Do I look like a house bear?”

25. “I’m still a little puppy, dad. I still love cuddles from you.”

26. “Give my mom a kiss. Just love sharing love and comfort to humans around me.”

27. Chill with the snow!

28. “Don’t make fun of me, human over there. I will told my mom.”

29. This sofa just fits him. Only him.

30. “What’s that? You are taking a picture of me and dad?”

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