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Dogs Poke Their Face Through Fence Peepholes To Greet Their Mom To Come Home

Nothing is better than having someone that waits for us every time we come home from work. And two dogs in this story does the same. They actually know how to steal their owner’s heart with caring actions. They get special peepholes – three little holes on the fence and use them to watch when their mom comes home.

Billie and Seymour are two dogs in the story. Billie is an Australian kelpie-dingo mix. She has recently discovered a hole on the wood fence separating the driveway from the yard, and the girl immediately gets hooked into it. Her 6-month baby brother, Seymour, even joins her. He just wants to be involved in everything everyone is doing. What a lovely boy!

Erin Joyce, the dog’s owner said that Billie was keen on sticking her nose out to sniff at her every time she went to or from her car. The curious dog just wants to follow her mom’s steps.

When realizing that both dogs got interested in the hole, Dean, Joyce’s partner decided to give them some more. He created three little holes on the fence for each. Having these, Billie and Seymour can always poke their face through them to see their mom coming home whenever they like.

And, Billie and Seymour were super-excited at the surprise that Dean gave them. They love greeting their mom from here when she returns home from work.

You can see the video of these dogs greeting their home to come home here.

Wynston, an adopted Airedale terrier puppy of Joyce’s next-door neighbors also join the gang. They all love greeting their owner to come home.

See more of their expressions here.

Seymour and Wynston are now best friends. To let two adorable puppies go between yards for playdates, Joyce and Dean installed a gate in the fence.

“They are my best friends and I just adore them,” Joyce said.

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