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30 Pet Owners Who Deserve A Reward For Their Patience

16. Hope you’re not late for work

17. Why do we bother?

This bed probably cost $1,000. But no, he prefers the floor.

18. It’s the pot’s fault!

This fur ball isn’t even showing an ounce of remorse!

19. No board games here

Cats will sit absolutely anywhere and don’t mind if they’re blocking your view or disruption your play time.

20. Not eating, just smooshing

Cats love cardboard boxes and they love warm spaces. So in theory, the pizza box is the perfect spot.

21. Oh yikes, sticky situation

22. The innocence in this big guy’s eyes is precious, but his feline friend… well, not so much.

23. I’m worried this cat thinks it’s a chicken

24. A great spot for a bath

25. You can’t leave this guy alone for 2 seconds!

26. That kid just wants to give his pup all the love and affection, but this furry doesn’t like it.

27. He doesn’t like his new diet

28. This dog is not a fan of the couch

29. Just… why?

30. You weren’t reading that, were you?

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