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30+ Adorable Pics Of Pets Just Moments After Getting Adopted

16. Rescued This Kitten Yesterday And He’s Already Settled With My Daughter!

17. This Photo Was Taken Right After I Adopted My Littles! Can’t Believe It’s Been A Year Already.

18. “I’ll Never Get A Pet” To… 2 Hours After Adopting Cookie

19. I Rescued This Handsome 15 Yr Old Siamese And He Hopped In My Lap Immediately

20. Adopted 5 Hours Ago

21. Doc & Archie

22. This Was Taken On Monday, An Hour After Adopting Our Sweet Little Kitten

23. The Most Adorable Fluff Monster Just Minutes After Coming Home From The Woods

24. My Daughter And Our Cat Just A Few Days After We Found Him : He Was Left Starving In The Streets.

25. This Was The Same Night We Got Her

26. This Is My Dog Marcie. This Was Her A Few Hours After Getting Her From Our Local Humane Society. I’ve Never Met A Dog That’s More Cuddly And Silly Than Her

27. Rescued These Two Beasts From The Side Of The Road In The Caribbean Where We Live. Sisters

28. This Is Ginger, We Rescued Her From The Pound This Photo Is Her First Day In Her New Home. She Has Since Lost Any Insecurity And Is One Happy Pup

29. “New Home New Stick” Hours After Adoption

30. Little Pawtatoe The Drive Home And Then Realizing What He Got Himself Into

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