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20 Funny Pictures Of Pets Behaving Like Their Humans

We’ve all heard that pets often look like their owners, but do you believe that you love your pets so much that you become them? There’s evidence that owners and their pets tend to look alike. And if you spend enough time surfing the Internet, eventually you’ll see a pet that bears an eerie resemblance to its owner.

We at Paws Planet believe that pets are evolving into humans, so we created this post to share with you. If you don’t believe me, scroll through the list below to see some pets and their humans who share a truly uncanny resemblance.

#1. Sometimes I Swear My Friend’s Dog Is A Human In Dogs Skin

#2. Chillaxin

#3. Meet My Brother’s Dog… He Thinks He’s Human

#4. Just Casually Watching Some Tv Together

#5. My Mom Asked Me To Take Her New Dog To The Vet And To Not Be Scared When He Sits In The Car. He Sat Like This The Entire Time

#6. He Loves My Sister’s Hoods

#7. “Well….? Talk To The Paw.”

#8. The Face She Gives When You Stop Petting Her!

#9. He Is Sleeping On The Pillow All The Time Like He Knows What Is For

#10. So… Dinner Is At 8 Right?

#11. That Face When You Don’t Do Photos..

#12. Now Do My Nails!

#13. Just Taking A Nap

#14. Who’s There ?

#15. My Granddog Roxy All Tucked In For The Night!

#16. What Are You Guys Doing In There? Let Me In!

#17. Three Seconds After I Decide To Go To Bed

#18. This Is How He Loves To Sleep!

#19. My Girl’s Watching Some Tv

#20. That’s How We Sleep

Do you have pets? Does your pet look like you? Feel free to share your photos with us in the comments below!

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