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20 Quirky And Cute Pet Habits That Made Us Love Them Even More

If you share your home with pets, you’ve probably noticed that they tend to mimic the personalities of your family. Turns out, pets behave in certain ways that humans do. And sometimes, they even behave in an awkward and funny way that you could never imagine.

Here are 20 photos of pets who have innocent quirks. We at Paws Planet were laughing out loud at these pics showing pets behaving in such an awkward and funny way. We’re sure you’ll share our amusement!

#1. He loves his pig toy very much

#2. The way she sticks out her tongue is adorable

#3. Dug a hole and fell asleep in it

#4. Baby bear asleep after a hard day of camping

#5. My cockapoo Poppy, after being rudely awoken because she was snoring

#6. My dog likes socks. She doesn’t chew them or destroy them, she just protects them. If you take them, she gets sad

#7. My cat rolls in the blanket on our couch to turn into a purrito

#8. My dog likes to sit in these small washbasins

#9. Ralph loves the sun

#10. She refuses to sleep anywhere else

#11. She likes to stand up and have you hold her paws

#12. Peek-a-boo

#13. Sometimes our dog, Charlie, gets his upper lip stuck behind his lower lip

#14. My cat likes being upside down

#15. Showing her best smile

#16. My dog likes to sleep sucking a blanket

#17. My cat likes to sleep wrapped around a tree in the flower pot, with a leaf as a cuddle buddy

#18. How my dog likes to hold her paws

#19. This is Honey. She likes to be held while she’s outside

#20. My dog likes crossing her legs for pictures

Which of these funny pets made you laugh the most? Do you have a pet that has similarly quirky habits? Please share your thoughts and pictures with us in the comments below!

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