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20+ Pics Of Alaskan Malamutes To Improve Our Moods

What could be better and cuter than big fluffy dogs that are perfect for cuddling? As dog owners, we completely understand this, so we collected some pictures of funny and adorable Alaskan Malamutes to share with you and make your day better. These cute and funny pics are guaranteed to improve your mood with enough positive energy for the entire week! Scroll down to check for yourself!

#1 Was My Big Bro, Now… Still My Big Bro

#2 Meet Luca, The Alaskan Malamute That Loves To Destroy Her Toys, Except This One

Alaskan Malamutes are intelligent, friendly, and energetic companions. They have a powerful, sturdy body built for stamina and strength. Despite being big and strong, they are sweet and gentle. They can be a wonderful addition to the family home, particularly with children.

#3 Pupper Then, Doggo Now

#4 My Big Dude Just Turned One And Is Massive!

#5 Hello, Do You Have A Moment To Talk About Jesus Christ?

#6 My Friend’s Malamute Thinks He’s A Lap Dog

#7 Handsome Boy River

#8 An Alaskan Malamute Having The Time Of His Life At Mt. Hermon, Israel

#9 This Little Nugget

#10 Welcome Back Hooman. Did You Remember To Buy My Tuna?

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