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20+ Photos That Prove Big Dogs Are Great Pets

Today, small dogs like poodles and chihuahuas are becoming less and less popular because many owners prefer to own big dogs. Many people may think that the larger the animal, the scarier it is. When it comes to big dogs, however, they tend to be gentle and friendly with everyone, especially kids. Despite their big size, they are cute and sweet.

As dog lovers, we are sure that big dogs can make great pets. They love nothing more than playing and bonding with their owners. If you don’t believe it, just take a look at 24 huge dogs below. These good boys and girls will show you that they can be awesome pets for every family!

#1. Loki The Wolfdog – Breakin’ Hearts Since 2012

#2. A Bad Dog Owner Dumped This Wolf-Dog At A Kill Shelter When He Got Too Big And Too Much To Handle. Luckily A Sanctuary Took Him Instead And Saved His Life!

#3. Wolf Pup

#4. This Is The Photo That Made Me Say “I’m Gonna Drive 800 Miles To Rescue That Special Needs Pupper”

#5. Looking Into The Distance

#6. Sasha (The Czech Wolfdog) Loves Beach Zoomies

#7. My Wolfdog Boy, Faelen, Giving Cuddles To My Mom

#8. The Majestic Wolfdog

#9. His Winter Coat Is Coming And He Is Getting More And More Beautiful

#10. Black Wolf Hybrid

#11. Sometimes Lucian Just Lies On Me And Looks At Me Like This. Fills My Heart Up Even On The (All Too Common) Bad Days

#12. Enjoy The Ride!

#13. My Wife’s Wolfhound Puppy Is Eating My Wolfdog

#14. Here’s One Of Our Rescues, Yuki

#15. Thorkan And His Beautiful Mom Phoebee! He Was Only A Few Weeks Old, My Baby, I Love This Picture!

#16. Rub My Damn Belly!

#17. Here’s Some More Of Yuki The Wolf Dog Hybrid

#18. A Wolf-Dog Hybrid

#19. Is There Anything Cuter Than A Wolfdog Wanting Belly Rubs?

#20. Never Stop Outdoor Life!

#21. My Puppy Looks Like A Small Wolf!

#22. Them Eyes Though. Almost 5 Months Old

#23. Hello Pack! Some Memories Of 2021

#24. I Made Stupid And Weird Sounds To Get This Photo. Otherwise He Wouldn’t Look At Me

#25. Our Super Scary Guard Dog… She’s Alaskan Malamute With A Big Smile

Do you own a huge dog like the ones featured in this article? Share their photos with us in comments below and share this post with your friends to make their day brighter!

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