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20 Photos Proving Pets Are More Fragile Than We Think

#11 “This is the face my kitten gives me when I walk too slow and he has to stop to wait for me.”

#12 “Can I just have one piece?”

#13 Me: “There are a lot of mosquitos, we’re going back home. And don’t look at me with your sad eyes!”

#14 “My pup used to ride like this in the car because he thought the car meant he was going to the vet.”

#15 When you tell your friends they can help themselves:

#16 “Jack thinks I got another dog and is sad. All I did was sweep the floors for the first time in 3 days.”

#17 “My dog gets visibly upset every time I put on socks because he knows I’m getting ready to leave for work and even though it’s sad, it makes me happy that he loves me so much.”

#18 “Sorry, it’s raining again. I can’t do anything about it.”

#19 Don’t watch TV with easily-impressed cats.

#20 “I can’t say No”

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