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20+ Photos Of Pets Who Can Get Cozy Anywhere

#16 What? You need the sink again?

#17 “Here’s Lucy watching me sign her adoption papers after the first time meeting her.”

#18 “My cat, Dusty, has no concept of personal space when I’ve been away at school for too long.”

#19 This gif shows how cats see the world around them.

#20 This is Tubbs. Tubbs defies gravity and physics.

#21 Comfortable and soft

#22 A small sleeping bag for a small friend

#23 It’s always better to be together.

#24 “One of our ducks rejected this duckling and it imprinted on me instead. It hasn’t let me out of its sight for the 2.5 days it’s been alive. It tired itself out playing in the grass earlier and stretched out in my hand for a little nap.”

#25 Trash for people, but treasure for a dog.

#26 Even big cats love cardboard boxes.

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