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20+ Pets Who Ask To Go Outside And Then Want Back In Immediately

16. “He insisted he wanted out. He regrets that decision. I fear for my life.”

17. Okay, if you won’t let me in, then I’ll just do it for you.

18. I can’t un-see it!

19. Can I interest you in some chocolate bars?

20. “Put my inside cat outside and walked out to this 5 minutes later”

21. Stupid move, but brave.

22. “He loves his Teddy Bear.”

23. “He was so upset he had to stay outside while everybody ate.”

24. You have no idea what I’ve just been through.

25. “”Hooman LET ME IN!! …aaahhh Poo!”

26. Winter is coming.

27. Cujo, Cujo’s my name.

28. We’ll always have Paris…

29. Hey Joey, come on, open the door already.

30. I’m new here, wanna be friends?

If you love these pics, feel free to share them with your friends and family members! Do you have a pet who has a cute or funny way of asking to be let inside? Share your pics and your thoughts with us in comments below!

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