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20+ Furry Villains That Are So Cute And Sweet That You Can’t Get Mad At Them

Pets are known as man’s best friend. Not only are they a source of entertainment and happiness, but they are an endless source of unconditional love and great companionship. Besides, having a pet can dramatically increase the quality of our lives. Research has found that pets can boost our emotional, mental and physical health. For this reason, a life without pets seems almost unimaginable.

We love our little fuzzy friends no matter how bad and mischievous they are, so we collected 23 photos of naughty pets that are too sweet to get mad at. Scroll down to check for yourself! Whether you already own a pet, or are considering getting one, you will agree with us that our four-legged friends can make our lives happier and healthier.

1. “Catzilla! Messi photobombed my friend’s bridal pics!”

2. “What’s the problem, Human? I too am naked.”

3. Catalism or kittylism

4. “He’s not allowed on the table, so here’s what he does.”

5. “If I fits, I sits.”

6. Cat front legs are like arms, in big cats too.

7. “Hey human, whatcha doin’?”

8. “Straighten then again, I dare you”

9. “He’s very open about letting me know I haven’t been paying enough attention to him while I weave.”

10. He sleeps well knowing he has satisfactorily tormented his humans.

11. Can’t poop in peace

12. You’re his booster seat, duh!

13. “Hooman, let me show how sexy I am.”

14. That’s the cutest game of “Operation” that I’ve ever seen.

15. Such a majestic looking jerk

16. We bought our two large dogs a new dog bed, however…

17.  “This is the second plant my sweet son Toby has killed.”

18. Omg the look on that poor cat’s face is priceless lmao.

19. That face.. of cat who stole your husband successfully

20. Cat asshole on your breakfast

21. Leggo my eggo you catto!

22. Guess who is the boss in this house.

23. Got blocked by fb friends because of this little bitch**

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