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20 Fluffy Friends Who Just Want To Do Crazy And Silly Things

11. “This is Merlin, and sometimes, this happens to him.”

12. “His first walk after he found a new home”

13. The main thing is to catch the right moment and take a photo.

14. “He’s just very excited about the carpet in our new house.”

15. This is what the cat version of breakfast in bed looks like.

16. “He genuinely sat like this for 10 minutes.”

17. When you look like a work of art (a Picasso painting):

18. “He’s always waiting for me when I’m coming up from the basement. He wants to surprise me and I act surprised every time.”

19. “Tell Cersei, it was me.”

20. It seems like this baby is trying to scare his owner away from the chair.

Has your pet ever done something crazy? Please tell us in the comments below. And if you have pictures, share them with us!

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