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20+ Dramatic Photos That Prove Cats Won’t Let You Get Bored

Many people think that cats are boring and have no personality. However, if you are a cat owner, you will see they are funny—many times they’re downright hysterical. These felines like running in the middle of the night, scratching furniture, and stealing food by their “magic”. These individuals who doubt the hilarious nature of cats have obviously not spent a fair amount of time with them.

Whether you are a cat lover or not, you can’t remain indifferent to what we have prepared for you this time. Scroll down to enjoy it for yourself!

h/t: Bright Side

#1. Human slaves! Bow down!

#2. Just wait until we get home. He laughs best who laughs last.

#3. Hug me tight!

#4. Well, my litter box is actually much more comfortable.

#5. You didn’t see anything, understand?

#6. This is not what I ordered!

#7. Let me use it too! Sharing is caring.

#8. When you’re annoyed and just can’t hide it:

#9. Banzai!

#10. When your mom tells you to do something, but you insist on doing your own thing:

#11. Mission impossible

#12. My precious!!

#13. Does anyone have any doubt about who is the big boss here?

#14. After a hard day of work

#15. If I fits, I sits.

#16. Please don’t leave me!

#17. Like a queen

#18. Hey buddy, turn around, we’re doomed!

#19. When she tries to steal your boyfriend:

#20. Where is the cat?

#21. Hello neighbors!

#22. Hi! You’re not busy, are you?

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