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20+ Cats And Dogs Who Are So Tired Of Being Good Pets

16. “My cat brought me a present! She left it on my lap (alive) while I was holding the baby.”

17. “Working from home is gonna be easy, they said.”

18. “This isn’t the best quality picture, but it’s definitely the one that best embodies her personality.”

19. “That would explain why the birds don’t use this feeder.”

20. “My dog isn’t allowed on my mom’s bed. That’s my mom’s bed shortly after she left.”

21. “Ruby loves her new bed…”

22. “Sure am glad I bought that ’indestructible’ dog bed!”

23. “The nice, clean, white Land Rover I just washed”

24. “My cat bites my dad whenever he’s paying attention to my mom and not him.”

What ‘rule’ has your pet instituted in your house that you now follow? Please share with us in the comments below and don’t forget to share this article with your friends, especially pet owners.

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