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20+ Beautiful Animals We Can’t Stop Staring At

#11. Lilac-breasted roller

The coloration of this little birdy from Africa is unbeatable.

#12. Amur leopard

Their unique spotted fur makes the Amur Leopard one of the most beautiful and unfortunately, most hunted wild cats in the world.

#13. Quokka

This Australian animal is often claimed to be the most photogenic on the planet, as it always looks like it’s happy and smiling.

#14. Flamingo

Even the name of this bird reflects its unique appearance, as it comes from the Portuguese word “flamengo” which means “flame-colored”.

#15. California red-sided garter snake

This snake can be found throughout California, and the combination of its skin color varies in different locations – but it always remains extremely bright.

#16. Okapi

The okapi is sometimes referred to as the “forest giraffe” or “zebra giraffe”. While it’s the closest relative to the giraffe, this unique creature bears stripes just like a zebra.

#17. Lynx

This wild cat is best known for its bright eyes and characteristic tufts on the tips of its ears.

#18. Snowy owl

The look of this fluffy bird is truly mesmerizing.

#19. Dolphin

This aquatic mammal is not only beautiful but also very intelligent.

#20. Mandrill


#21. Resplendent quetzal

This colorful beauty can only be found in South America.

#22. Secretary bird

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