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15+ Random Acts of Kindness That Can Warm Our Hearts During The Coronavirus Outbreak

The Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) has left many of us apprehensive, anxious and scared. Some people have said that they feel like the entire world is upside down. That is the reason why we would like to share heartwarming stories of amazing acts of kindness with you. We hope that these stories will support you and people in need or just to cheer up them during this difficult time.

After all, there’s never been a better time to share some good news! There are many people out there who are willing to help others and do good things to make the world better. Scroll down to check for yourself!

1. A police officer from Argentina, Celeste Ayala, did not hesitate to breastfeed a crying baby who had recently been taken away from his mother.

2. This brave man saved a beached baby dolphin and brought it back to sea.

3. A server in a restaurant helped to feed a disabled woman so that she and her male companion could enjoy their meal together.

4. “My friend turned 22 today and she challenged others to complete random acts of kindness with her.”

“Bought the guys working outside the Francis Marion some hot chocolate so they wouldn’t be so cold!”

“Brought a box of coffee and donuts to the Marshfield Fire Department and thanked them for all that they do!”

“I made this banner to put on the cistern to make anyone’s day better.”

5. “Our firefighters found an injured owl while returning from a call last night. Today, Fire Captain Ayres is helping transport it to an owl sanctuary in Niagara. Amazing customer service! Even for our little-winged friends.”

6. “I forgot my phone on the hood of my car and someone put it in a plastic baggy and left it on my windshield.”

7. “A lady who works across from my office walked by when I was notably stressed. A little while later she came by and dropped me off some lunch.”

8. “Found this card on my windshield at the Appleby GO Station. At first, I thought it was a ticket, then upon closer inspection, I thought it was some kind of prank…. this had to be too good to be true.”

The card says: “Hey there! Life is hard…Please find enclosed $20. Hopefully it will make life a little less hard!”

9. This Safeway employee is helping a blind man take home his groceries.

10. “Candy and notes of encouragement for students in their last week of the semester”

11. The volunteers organized a dream voyage for kids in need. “The kids meet at the Air Canada hangar at 3:45 am, fly to Los Angeles, get bussed to Disneyland, spend 8 hours in the park, get back on the bus to the airport, fly home and arrive just before midnight the same day!”

12. This man chooses to keep his persona in secret and he’s known to Instagram users as “Random Acts of Kindness Rider”, or “R.A.K. Rider”. He rides his blue bike and anonymously gives out flowers, toys and other nice things to the people he meets.

13. This boy donated his future Christmas gifts to kids in need in a dedicated gift area of one of Miami’s gyms.

14. Students of Wesleyan University tied dozens of scarfs for people in need onto light poles in the neighborhood.

15. Emergency care assistants got an unexpected gift: a person they didn’t know gave them a box of doughnuts in acknowledgment of their hard work saving people’s lives.

16. “When you look out the window and see 2 kind humans who bought dog food, water, and supplies for a homeless man with his 2 dogs”

17. “It doesn’t cost much to be kind…we need to take care of each other any way we can.”

18. In Vietnam, there are some “rice ATM” on streets and poor people who lost their jobs due to Covid-19 can come and take some rice for their meals. It is such a wonderful act of kindness, isn’t it?

It’s undoubtedly a worrying time for everyone. Which of the stories touched you the most? Have you ever witnessed an act of kindness that left an impression on you? Please tell us about it in the comments and don’t forget to share these heartwarming pics with your friends and family members!


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