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15+ Pets Who Successfully Managed To Lose Weight And Get In Shape

We all know that obesity can cause a lot of damage to our health. People with severe obesity are more likely to have some diseases that may lower their quality of health. As with humans, obesity in pets can result in serious health effects that could shorten their life span. Thankfully, many fat pets are lucky enough to have perfect owners who are willing to do everything to make them more energetic and happy. These owners always find the best ways to keep their beloved pets fit and reduce their risk of developing many serious diseases.

We are happy to know that our furry friends successfully managed to lose weight and have a body in shape. For this reason, we decided to collect and share their weight loss progress and their achievements with you. Scroll down to see for yourself!

#1. The Only Transformation Pic I Will Allow

#2. Bronson’s Journey To A Healthier Life. Adopted At 33 Lbs (15 Kg), Now He Weighs 19.9 Lbs (9 Kg)

#3. Before – Fat, Dirty, Breathing Problems, And Unable To Clean Herself. Now – Blessed And Highly Favored

#4. Tommy Boy Has Been Successfully Dechonked

#5. From Almost 20 lbs To 14 lbs. He’s A Larger Cat Than Normal But Now He’s A Lean, Large Cat

#6. Rehomed This Little Big Buddy A Little Over A Year Ago. Meet Big Tony

#7. Adopted This Cute Overweight Kitty, Put Him On A Diet And After A Few Years He Had Less Than Half The Weight Of When I First Got Him

#8. Dechonkification? Completed It

#9. She’s Proud Of The Post-Diet Body

#10. This Is Amy. She’s Been Living At The Shelter For Over A Year And No One Wanted Her Because She Has Weight Issues. But I Do As Well So We’re On A Diet Together

#11. Barsik Came From A Shelter At 41 lbs. He Is On A Vet-Supervised Diet And Losing Steadily

#12. He Went From 20 To 14 Pounds

#13. Stan Has Successfully Dechonked At 10 Years Old. He’s Got A Long Life Ahead Of Him

#14. Mister Weez Was Always My Big Chonk. After A Year Of Diet And Exercise, He’s Now My Small/Medium Chonk

#15. Look At My Handsome Boy’s Progress

#16. Travis’ Weight Loss Progress From 2017 To 2019

#17. Dechonkification Has Succeeded. We Have Reached Fine Boi

#18. My Senior Rescue Boy Went From Full Loaf To Slice Of Bread

#19. Chonk Progress

Do you have a fat pet? Do you have any before and after weight loss pictures of them? Please share them with us in the comments below!

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