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10+ Times Cats Cracked Us Up

#11 Instructions Were Unclear

#12 Well, I Guess I May As Well Cancel My Plans For The Day. I’m Not Going Anywhere

#13 Ive Been Allergic My Whole Life To Cats. Ive Finally Built Up Enough Of An Immunity Through Injections. Reddit, Please Welcome My First Rescue Kitty, Legolas

#14 Well If You Don’t Eat The Raw Dead Birds He Brings, This Is The Next Logical Step

#15 My Mom’s Cat Looks Like She’s Wearing A Fancy Sweater

#16 My Cat When He Thinks There’s No One Home

#17 Another Proof That Cats Are Liquid

#18 So Smol. So Smug

#19 Guys Look What I Made!!! It Took Weeks But It’s A Yarn Ball Cat House!!!!!

#20 Skinny Cat Vs Fat Cat (Snow Edition)

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