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17-Year-Old Siamese Cat Comes To Visit Her Favorite Woman Every Day

Cheryl has a special neighbor who often visits her every day. The neighbor is a 17-year-old Siamese cat. When Cheryl went out and met the cat, she would give her some cuddles. The elderly cat slowly fell in love with the woman and started to show her affection. Whenever she saw her favorite woman, she would roll over in the street to have her belly rubbed.

When Cheryl went into lockdown, the cat started coming to visit her on and off. She would cry outside the doors and beg Cheryl to let her in. Because she is just so soft and cuddly, Cheryl called her Squishy. The cat would stay with her family all day and would follow her wherever she went.

Cheryl had a beloved auntie, who she loved so much. Sadly, she became ill and passed away. It was difficult time for Cheryl to overcome the loss, but Squish just suddenly became increasingly more affectionate.

After her aunt’s passing, Squish never leaves her side. She is here every single day. The cat comes to give her cuddles and rubs up against her. Cheryl can feel her auntie is around her.

“I can’t put it into words, but it really is, it’s overwhelming what she gives to me,” Cheryl said.

Watch the video here:

Special thanks to Cheryl for sharing the story with us. You can follow Squishy on her Instagram to update her visits.

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