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10+ Reasons You Should Fall In Love With A Cat Person

#11 Cat people really appreciate some alone time, so will always respect other people’s need for some time out.

#12 But they also know that those who nap together stay together.

#13 And they’ll be excellent napping companions because they’re used to staying very still in bed.

For fear their toes will be attacked.

#14 Cat people might be a little shy at first.

#15 But they’ll open up when you get to know them.

#16 Cat people know how to have a good bitch.

They won’t be horrible, but they understand that everyone needs to let off steam occasionally.

#17 And they have an excellent sense of humour.

#18 Cat people can be super caring.

They’ll always know how to look after you when you feel down.

#19 Cat people are good at staying positive, as most of the time they have to put up with grumpy animals.

#20 They’ll never be controlling, because they’re not used to being in charge.

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