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I Brought My Grumpy Grandpa A Cat, And It Has Changed His Life Terrifically

I have been Photographing my grandpa, Jiji, since the time when i had no idea to how to use a camera. One fine day, 94 year-old’s life changed forever, the day that Kinako, the cat, came into his life.

After the end of War, Jiji worked at office for good 64 years, but during 2009 he got sick and had to be admitted in the hospital. This very outgoing person eventually lost all his interest in life and got grumpier with each passing day. That was the time when Grandson decided to bring Kinako home.

The friendship between Jiji and Kinako grew with time and who had ever thought that this fearful cat would befriend a grumpy old man like Jiji. It seems as if the cute little cat has melted Jiji’s heart.

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