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10+ Photos Showing That Cats Are Very Good Girls

People always assume dogs are good boys because they are loyal, reliable, and naive. In contrast to dogs, cats tend to be seen as bad guys because they are known for being naughty, selfish, aloof, and unfriendly. However, some recent studies prove that cats become bonded to their owners at similar rates as dogs and prefer interacting with a human over eating or playing with a toy.

If you think dogs are the only good boys, this list below will definitely help you change your mind and convince you that cats are good girls. Despite their odd behaviors, they have huge hearts as well and show their love and affection in a different way. Scroll down to check for yourself!

1. “She’d been at the vet for a while, and her ace big bro stayed this way all day when she got back.”

2. This cat is a comfy pillow for the baby

3. “My cat holds my hand and stays with me when I’m feeling down.”

4. “The nurses let Henry see Nona for Christmas and he spent the entire day on her lap.”

5. When somebody has to play doctor with the kid:

6. “Kodiak was upset because the neighbors were shooting off fireworks. So, Dr. Pepper the cat, came in and laid next to him.”

7. “I think our new foster kitty just found his forever home.”

8. “Office cat greets each visitor at our local vet to ensure their comfort and put them at ease.”

9. When you need a newspaper buddy:

10. “Lilly had to have surgery today. It went well, and she’s now recovering at home with Mittens, her therapy cat.”

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