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10+ Dogs Who Have A Strong And Irrational Fear Of Cats

#11. Beau Finally Faces His Fear of the Guardian of the Stairs

#12. It Was Then Rufus Realized All Too Late He Had Walked Into an Ambush

#13. Hombre’s Self Help Mantra Wasn’t Quite Living Up to His Dreams

#14. “Dude. You Totally Screamed Like a Girl!”

#15. “I’m Not Scared. I’m Just Sitting on This Tragically Underused Step.”

#16. “Oh Sh*t. I Know That Look and Nothing Good Ever Follows It.”

#17. “Maybe If I Run Fast, He Won’t See Me… Never Mind!”

#18. “Easy for You to Say, You’ve Never Suffered the Wrath of a Razor-Sharp Paw.”

#19. “No.”

#20. “It’s Cool, It’s Cool. I Like the Extra Shade Anyway.”

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