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Your Heart Will Be Beating Really Fast When You See These Pics About Manul Cats

Manul cats, also known as the Pallas’s cats, are a near-threatened wild speciesaround the same size as a housecat. The cats which are native to Asia, are downright adorable with their furry faces and big ears and fluffy that can create some of the funniest expressions in the feline kingdom.
These cute pictures make Manul cats seem like a good option for a pet with hilarious expressions but their solitary and wild nature, as well as their high mortality rate at low altitudes, restricts them primarily to professional.
Scroll down to discover adorable pictures about Manul cats!

Hi. Do you know Manul cats?

They’re also FUCKING ADORABLE!!!!!!!!

They’re also known as Pallas’s cats. 

I just wanna put this little guy in a basket 

But then… the adults are ANGORY!!!!!!!

They are calloused by their years out in the brutal mountains of Central Asia…

…and they don’t give a fuck about your problems!!!!!!!!

Why so serious???

Ok I’m fine!!!


The Manul Cat has the BEST facial expressions in the world


‘I Just Woke Up, Don’t Mess’ Face


And now, dear reader, you too are aware of the Pallas’s cat/Manul cat. YOU’RE WELCOME.