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Woman Moves Into A New House And Discovers That It Comes With A Cat

Giselle Bodin Lyons recently bought a house and was surprised to discover that the house came with a cute cat. She never expected to move into a new home with a sweet feline waiting for her arrival.

She was excited to start an exciting new chapter in life by moving her things into her new home. Her new home is only about 20 minutes away from her old place, so she decided to move stuffs slowly.

On one of her visits, Lyons was unpacking a few things in the garage when she saw the cat hanging out on top of the water heater and giving her a very confused look. The cat apparently had already claimed the house for herself.

The cat looked grumpy, but she was friendly and sweet. As Lyons unpacked her things, the cat hung around and inspected each and every item. They quickly become friends and shared the funny and sweet moments together.

Lyons guessed her new friend belonged to a neighbor, but she still left food and water for the cat. However, the cat was still there each time she returned.

Lyons hasn’t officially moved in yet, but as soon as she does she will look for the cat’s owners. If the animal is a stray, she will adopt it. Not only does Lyons want to provide the cat food, but also the medical attention she needs and the comfort of a loving home.

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