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Woman Leaves The Funniest Instructions For Boyfriend Taking Care Of Her Cat

This girl is serious about the care of her cat. Therefore, before she prepared to go away for a week, she did what many doting pet owners would do — she wrote out instructions for her cat sitter – her boyfriend.

She left some detailed instructions for her boyfriend on how to take care of her cat named Tia. While plenty of people think that taking care of pets is very easy, the girl doesn’t think that. That is why she left her boyfriend with a very detailed and hilarious list of “cat rules” to abide by if he wants to see her again. She just wants to make sure her fur baby Tia was cared.

The photo was shared on Reddit by her boyfriend (user funkeyjewmonkey) on Monday. Reddit users became fascinated by the love the girl and her “cat rules” for her boyfriend. And I’m sure that the girl is looking forward to seeing her kitties soon.

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(Credit: user funkeyjewmonkey)