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Woman Finds Fox Sleeping In Her Cat’s Bed, Gets Surprised By The Way It Acts

A ginger cat named George returned from a walk in the garden to find his bed taken over by a stranger.

“When I came downstairs, and walked passed the kitchen into the bathroom, I did a double take as in the kitchen window I could see a pair of huge ears,” said George’s owner, 47-year-old Meloney Blayze. “‘I thought, “hmm, those are not the cat’s ears”, and I turned the light on to look at what was in the cat’s bed – and it was a fox.”

Meloney had woken up at 4am to let George out of the kitchen window and into the garden, but the fox had sneaked in after she’d gone back to sleep and made the cat bed his own. When he came back, George tried to scare the weirdo away by hissing, but the fox didn’t even bother to budge until Meloney picked up the bed and tipped the fox out of the window.

“He was very tame, he did not want to leave,” she said. Given the freezing cold in UK at the moment, some people think she should have let him stay in instead of forcing him out. Tell us your opinion in the comments!

George returned from a walk in the garden to find his bed taken over by a fox.

The fox had sneaked in and started “acting like another member of the family who had been there for years and was confused about what all the fuss was about.”

“I looked at him and he looked at me. He was not frightened of me at all,” cat’s owner Meloney Blayze recalled.

George tried hissing at it, but the fox didn’t move until the cat’s owner Meloney shooed it out of the window.

People started to share their stories.

And some are worried about the animal’s wellbeing…

h/t: Bored Panda

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