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Woman Creates A Tiny Bed For Squirrels In Her Garden

As animal lovers, we love seeing cute animals on mini human furniture. Therefore, when some photos of a little squirrel checking out a tiny bed were shared on the internet, they quickly went viral. People couldn’t get enough of the photos and the squirrel’s cuteness.

The mini bed was created by Sharon Cutler, a landscape photographer from England. At first, she handcrafted the bed to serve as a prop in some pictures of her daughter’s guinea pig. But when noticing some squirrels in her backyard, she decided to remake the bed and gave them as a special gift.

After completing the bed with tiny linens, she put it in the garden in the hope that her fluffy-tailed visitors might enjoy it and even take a nap.

One day, Cutler saw a squirrel scampering in her backyard. The guy was tired and in need of a nap after searching for nuts in the garden. And Cutler’s creation seemed the perfect and cozy place for him to rest his paws.

Cutler even named her first visitor Cyril. “Cyril the squirrel was so tired from a busy day in the garden,” Cutler wrote. “So it was time to say his prayers, plump up his pillow, fluff up his quilt, and jump in to bed.”

Although the squirrel didn’t take a nap on the tiny bed, the pictures of his visit to the tiny bed are still adorable and precious. “I love photographing squirrels. Such cheeky, mischievous little characters.”

There’s really nothing more precious than animals on mini versions of human furniture. If you also love these pics, please share them with your friends to brighten up their day!

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Source: The Dodo

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