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Woman Caught On Camera Stealing Shop Cat From Chicago Flower Shop

A woman was caught on camera stealing a 17-year-old cat name Sweet Pea from Fleur floral boutique in Chicago’s Logan Square.

It was a normal Monday at the floral boutique. Sweet Pea was resting in a bed by the front windows when two women entered the shop and stopped to pet him. Workers were busy browsing around the floral arrangements when one of the women quickly stole the cat and left the shop.

Thankfully, the thief’s action was captured on the shop’s surveillance video and shared on social media. The video quickly went viral and many people expressed outrage over the theft.

After seeing the posts online, the thief asked her friend to bring the cat back. According to shop owner Kelly Marie Thompson, the cat-napper did write her a note, apologizing for stealing Sweet Pea. But she didn’t want to return her to the store herself because she was too embarrassed.

The friend said that the woman thought Sweet Pea was saving a stray. She wanted to take care of Sweet Pea because she looked so frail. Thompson doesn’t want to press charges the thief, but she wants the woman and her friend to know that this is a really dumb thing to do.

Finally, Sweet Pea comes back home safely, and she is currently cuddled up in the back of store on her favorite bed. “We gave her some food and some medicine and she’s all cuddles,” Thompson said.

Watch the video here:

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