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Witnesses Saved Kitten Thrown Out Window Of Moving Car

The awful act happened on Monday, May 27th 2019 in Columbus Ave in Tampa. A five-week-old kitten was thrown from a moving car into the middle of the busy streets, where many cars were passing through.

A woman spotted the kitten being dumped and cried in horror. She said that there was a car ahead of her, and she saw something fly out of the window car. At first, she didn’t care much until she saw the poor kitten on the street.

Two men from a nearby business, Yenel Auto Paint & Body Work, rushed into the traffic to save the kitten. Thankfully, the baby and the men were safe, and after that a volunteer at the local Human Society of Tampa Bay came and brought the kitten to the shelter.

The brave kitten was named Columbo and was taken to a foster home. The boy had some injuries, but happily, those scrapes and cuts on his paws headed shortly after.

While the kitten is recovering back to heath, others searched for the perpetrator who needs to be caught, punished by jail time. They even put up a $6000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the suspect.

Columbus is so young, but not for long, he will be ready for adoption. He is now living in a safe place, where he can relax and will never have to worry about being tossed from a moving car again.

Please follow Humane Society of Tampa Bay for updates on Columbo and the perpetrator.

h/t: Cole & Marmalade