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Watching This Cat Nurture Two Rescued Kittens Is Adorable, The Way He Cares For Them Will Warm Your Heart

It’s not just animal moms who step in to nurture the neediest little critters – a sweet cat has become a loving daddy to two adopted kittens from a shelter.

When two tiny kittens were brought, rescuers weren’t sure if they were all going to make it – they were only about two months old. Moreover, they felt nervous about their old cat’s reaction to new kittens. But that quickly changed when their cat Sora met these sweet kittens. Right away, Sora, a gentle cat, showed his nurturing side and began to “dad” the little kittens. We just love the way the big cat took to caring for the youngsters and we can’t stop watching the video.

The video warmed our hearts, and we are sure it will warm yours too! Scroll down to see for yourself.

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Image credits: Instagram

Watch the adorable video below!!

Cat nurtures rescued kittens

Cat nurtures rescued kittens story ❤️

Posted by Joy of Mom on Friday, September 14, 2018

h/t: Joy of Mom

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