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Video Captures Friendly Beluga Whale Trying To Befriend A Seagull In Norwegian Harbour

Jan-Olaf Johansen, a 49-year-old worker who was walking near the Hammerfest waterfront when he spotted a white whale swimming through the water in front of him and engaging in some fascinating (and quite adorable) behavior. He quickly recorded the video and shared it on social media.

As it turned out, a seagull sitting on the surface of the water had piqued the whale’s interest. And it seemed that the beluga was trying to befriend the seagull. “He kept trying to play with the seagull,” Johansen told The Dodo. “What surprised me is how gentle he was. It was very special to see.”

Unfortunately, the seagull didn’t seem very amused by the whale’s actions. It was annoyed at his persistence and managed to move away from him. “The bird was not hurt and flew away after,” Johansen said.

The beluga whale, believed by some to have been trained by the Russian military, from which he apparently defected. So, when he first showed up, people had been concerned that he may not be able to take care of himself. But, according to Johansen, he sometimes sees the whale and the animal seems to be doing just fine and having a good time.

“He looks very healthy,” Johansen said. “And very playful.”

Here’s video of their cute exchange.

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Posted by Jan-Olaf Johansen on Monday, September 2, 2019

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h/t: The Dodo

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