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Tuxedo Cat Sits On His Stoop Every Day To Guard His Neighborhood

Meet Minkus, a fluffy tuxedo cat has taken on an important role as the local neighborhood watch cat, guarding and keeping his humans and neighbors safe. He is on duty every day and he takes his job very seriously. For this reason, he is adored by everyone in the neighborhood.

He is the self-appointed himself to the head of the neighborhood watch. He even has a stoop that he’s claimed as his own office. Every day, he perches his massive black and white body atop the stoop, surveying the area very carefully and greeting everyone that walks by.

Kate, a Reddit user (@ktlljhnsn), spent three years of her life trying to win over Minkus, the king of cats and the king of her community. At first, she didn’t know his name, so she called him Minkus. Even though she now knows his true name, she keeps on calling him Minkus┬ábecause he is so freaking fluffy.

After three years, Katie finally earned the cat’s trust and affection. Whenever Katie is walking past, Minkus hops down from his throne to greet her and gives her some cuddles. “I spent our first three years as neighbors trying to win his affection. It’s true what they say, hard work pays off!”

“He is well fed, very loved by his owners and the people on our block, and is quite cuddly,” Kate said.┬áThe neighbors called him the Stoop Cat as he’s been very loyal to his stoop.

He may look cute and cuddly with that bubblegum nose and luxurious whiskers, but when it comes to protecting his neighborhood, he does it well. So, whenever you walk past Minkus, remember he is always watching you. He will most likely bite you in the behind if you are not careful.

Watch his cute video below!

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