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Top 15 Decade Photos From The British Wildlife Photography Awards

The British Wildlife Photography Awards (BWPA) is one of the most prestigious photography competitions, inspiring millions across the world with outstanding wildlife photography. BWPA is currently celebrating its 10th anniversary by organizing a retrospective traveling outdoor exhibition. It will last until March 2021 and an indoor exhibition will also be held at Nature in Art near Gloucester from November 10, 2020.

All winners during the past 10 years, selected category winners, and highly commended images are featured in the outdoor exhibition. It’s awesome and worth waiting for. Just let your kids join you on the trip to the exhibition. They will broaden your understanding of the wild animals around you. It’s beautiful and we all must do our part to protect it.

If you are animal lovers or are looking for wildlife photographs that are artistic masterpieces, this post is right up your street. 15 photos in the collection are 15 of the best photos from the competition over the past 10 years. They are amazing and you should never miss the chance to witness them. Let’s check them out!

1. ‘Shy Puffin’, By Csaba Tokolyi, 2018

2. ‘Balancing Act (Little Owl)’, By Ian Watson, 2017

3. ‘Cuttlefish Eye’, By Michael Gallagher, 2013

4. ‘Autumn Jewels’, By Peter Cairns, 2014

5. ‘Ta Da! (Grey Seal, Halichoerus Grypus)’, By Kirsty Andrews, 2018

6. ‘Predator And Prey’, By Michael Durham, 2016

7. ‘Great Crested Grebe Courtship’, By Andy Rouse, 2016

8. ‘Mystical Mist (Fallow Deer)’, By Mark Smith, 2011

9. ‘Fox Glance (Red Fox), By Samuel Morris, 2013

10. ‘Mute Swan Cygnet In Canal’, By Mark Sisson, 2011

11. ‘Waiting For The Next Meal (Cormorant)’, By Max More, 2015

12. ‘Humble Bumble (Garden Bumblebee)’, By Keith Trueman, 2017

13. ‘Beneath The Kelp Forest (European Lobster)’, By Alexander Mustard, 2017

14. ‘Grey Heron Walking On Water, By Andrew Parkinson, 2011

15. ‘Portuguese Man O’ War’, By Charles Hood, 2010

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