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Tiny Sick Kitten Grows Strong And Becomes A Curious Feisty Cat

Penny is a special kitten! When her parents met her, she was not feeling well. She was cold, sick, and had no energy. She wouldn’t stop shaking and crying.

Thankfully, her parents tried everything they could to make her all better. They fed her, warmed her up, and helped her get energy back. They took her to a local vet where she was taken an X-ray to check her body. The vets gave her special medicine and lots of love.

With the help of the vets, Penny felt better and was ready to go home. Although she was still weak, she wanted to walk around and wouldn’t give up until she could do.

Penny used to be too weak and sick, but now she is getting stronger and stronger. She has a sister whom she loves wrestling and snuggling with. Even though she is still a kitten, she is as brave as a big cat!

She has so much energy, and is growing so much. She is curious and so feisty, and that’s why everyone loves her. After all, Penny is getting bigger and she’s blossomed so beautifully.

Watch the video here:

Special thanks to Penny and Sherilee Francis. If you love them, you can check them out on Instagram to see more their pics and videos!

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