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Tiny Paralyzed Kitten Decides She Wants To Walk And Run Again

We wish for one simple thing: more love on this earth. It’s because love can change everything and the most wonderful thing about it is that it comes in so many different forms.

With love and care of compassionate humans who are helping animals in need, many poor animals can overcome their difficulties and bounce back into a life full of happiness and positivity. If you don’t believe us, just check out this story of Melody the paralyzed kitten who decides to learn to walk again and runs after her siblings. This brilliant and inspiring story will make your day.

Melody was found by a good Samaritan and was taken in by Keely Thomas, a kitten foster who has dedicated her whole life to helping poor animals. She was born with swimmers syndrome – a congenital condition that causes her legs to splay out, so she was not able to put them forward and walk.

“When we put her on the floor, she would try to put (her leg) down, but it would slide,” Keely said.

Keely braced Melody’s legs together with medical wrap so they couldn’t move apart. Thankfully, when everyone took her bandages off and put her on the floor, she completely could walk again. She had so much fun running. With the help of Keely, she was up and running…literally.

Watch the video below to know the full story!

A good person adopted Melody, and we are happy to know that she is thriving in her new home. Thank you very much for you for the nice actions and hope that this little cat makes us think and that we change our behavior towards the animals.

You can follow Keely on Instagram to update more her rescues!

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h/t:The Dodo

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