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Tiny Kitten Makes 135-Pound Mastiff Become Obsessed With Her

When Lindsay found Wendy, she was just a tiny kitten sitting by a tree at a park. She walked over to the kitten and decided to bring her home. At first, Lindsay was worried that her huge dog George might harm the tiny kitten. But thankfully, they get along well and love each other so much.

Lindsay has fostered many animals, but there is something special about Wendy that makes her fall in love with the kitten immediately. Not only did she make Lindsay become obsessed with her, she also captured the heart of the giant dog George.

George is a giant who weighs about 135 pounds, but Wendy is not afraid of him. She is very brave and has a very large personality. She loves the gentle dog and loves doing everything with him. George also loves Wendy and all animals in his house.

George used to have a best friend named Debbie. She was a huge part of him, and they were so close. Sadly, Debbie passed away, and the dog was heartbroken. But amazingly, when Wendy came in, she filled a void in his heart. It was just so great to see him being happy and loving another animal the way that he loved Debbie.

Wendy came into George’s life at exactly the right time. She has definitely made George feel happy again. The dog also makes the kitten feel safe and loved. They balance each other’s personalities. When they are together, they bring out the love in each other. What a cute friendship!

Watch their video below:

Special thanks to Lindsay for sharing the story. If you love George and Wendy, you can follow them on Instagram to update their cute adventures.

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