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Tiny Kitten Loves His Foster Dad So Much That He Can’t Stop Kissing And Hugging Him

When you help animals who really need help, you are usually rewarded with sincere hugs and a grateful look. Animals seem to understand what happens and are grateful for our kindness. So, when this ginger kitten realized that he was rescued, he was so happy and grateful to his foster dad for saving and taking care of him.

The man found the kitten on the streets in the brutal summer temperatures. He brought him home and began caring for him all the time. Not surprisingly, the kitten loves his human so much that he can’t stop cuddling and kissing him. He loves to rub his entire body across his dad’s face over and over.

Watch this cute video below:

They are a perfect combination, and they are meant for each other. We hope that this guy won’t be just a foster dad to this cute kitten. He will keep him forever.

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