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This Woman’s Snapchats Of Last Day With Her Beloved Dog Will Make You Tear Up

Saying goodbye to our pets is always gut-wrenching. Anybody who has ever lost a pet knows how painful it is to when the time comes to bid a final farewell to their beloved friends. That was what happened to a dog owner who had to say goodbye to her family dog who didn’t have much time left.

For 11-year-old Hannah, a pit bull terrier-labrador mix, life was getting harder to live. She suffered from seizures and riddled with arthritis in her hips. She was also enduring side-effects from the medications she was on to control her seizures.

Without the medication, Hannah could barely walk, and several times she’d fallen down the stairs. Devastated to see her best friend living in pain, owner Kyle Amick had to make the difficult decision to put down her.

“I finally decided that keeping her on the meds was selfish, but keeping her off of them was just a cruel,” Amick stated.

She decided to treat Hannah to one last day full of love and pampering. She photographed each step of this beautiful yet heartbreaking final day with Hannah.

In order to honor the family dog, she uploaded the emotional series of snapchat photos of Hannah’s last day on Imgur. The sad story quickly went viral and made people cry.

More info: Imgur

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