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This Man Has Been Creating Cat Cartoons For Over 20 Years, And Here Are 40 Of The Best Ones

Most of us love cats and kittens. They are best friends, housemates and always side to side us but sometimes we cannot understand their mystery. To explain what cats are thinking and hiding, a cartoonist named Scott Metzger has been drawing cartoons about the daily lives of cats for over 20 years. His cartoons illustrate the dark the side of cats in hilariously way.
He owns 2 cats Hannah (13 years old) and Max (7 years old) “Both are rescue cats. Hannah is part Siamese and part Calico. She’s sweet and friendly, but she clearly prefers my wife and 10-year-old daughter. Max is a tuxedo cat and he loves people – he loves everybody. He’ll sit on any available lap.” he told Bored Panda.
Artist Scott Metzger is a super person, he has been creating cat comics for 22 years. It makes him happy because he loves cats so much and enjoys making people laugh.
Check out Scott Metzger’s hilarious pictures in the gallery below and vote your favorites!

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