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This Instagrammer Gives Pets Hilarious Makeovers

If it were possible to combine completely different things and create funny and crazy pictures in our life, I think it’s amazing. Thankfully, via the magic of Photoshop, some people are bringing more creative and funny visions to life.
Meet Ida, an ordinary girl working a full-time job but having a passion with Photoshop. She started turning pictures of pets into weird creatures when her followers on Instagram post their pets on social media. I’m sure that these pictures will give you nightmares rather than make you want to cuddle them.
However, it seems that people don’t think that. They really love seeing their furry friends turned into something out of this world. Ida becomes famous with almost 10k followers on Instagram and receives the hundreds of requests from followers every day.
Now, she has owned over a hundred creepy pet makeovers and we are not fully sure if we should laugh or be afraid when looking at our furry friends. Please enjoy and don’t forget to share with your friends!
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