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This Dog Has Hilarious Reaction When His Family Got A New Puppy Without Asking Him First

This sweet puppy named Kevin has lived with his family for four years and all members in the family love him so much. That is the reason why he always likes to gain everyone’s attention.

“Kevin is so sweet and loving,” Stroup told The Dodo. “We can never lay down without him immediately laying down with one of us.”

Then suddenly, everything changed when Stroup and her husband decided to adopt a new tiny puppy named Lyle a few weeks ago. However, they forgot to consult Kevin before bringing Lyle home.

When Kevil met Lyle, we can sense a little bit of jealousy and confusion in his eyes.

Watch the video of Kevin’s reaction here:

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Posted by Carleigh Johnson Stroup on Wednesday, June 12, 2019

“That’s absolutely his signature, ‘What. Have. You. Done.’ face,” Stroup said.

It’s easy to understand Kevin’s feeling because he will feel some loss when the new puppy comes into the family. When the new member comes, life is never the same again.

The puppy Lyle is playful and mischievous while Kevin loves his quiet, easygoing lifestyle, free of annoyances or competition for affection. Despite being the absolute opposite of Kevin, little Lyle simply adores his new big brother.

“He only wants to go where Kevin goes,” Stroup said. “He’s just absolutely obsessed with him.”

“Even after all of Lyle’s attempts at ruining Kevin’s peace and quiet, they’ve become inseparable,” Stroup said. “Kevin appreciates having a brother to hang out with when we are gone.”

Although all of Kevin’s habits are now things of the past, he really loves Lyle and they are now enjoying a happy life in their house.

Please this video if you love Kevin’s reaction and his friendship with Lyle!

h/t: The Dodo

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