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This Cute Rescued Kitten Is Going Viral For Looking Like Baby Yoda

Last week, this little cutie was rescued and brought to the Cabarrus Animal Hospital in North Carolina by a local rescue organization. When she arrived at the veterinary hospital, veterinary assistant Jana Aviles immediately noticed that she looked like Baby Yoda. Jane couldn’t resist taking a few pictures of the cutie and posting them on Facebook. And she had no idea they would blow up.

Credit: Jana Aviles

Within a few days, hundreds of people from all over the world had fallen in love with the cat and her oddly positioned ears. Everyone starts comparing her to Baby Yoda, Dobby the elf, and the titular critters from the classic Gremlins. In the post, Jana also wrote that the adorable creature was still being held for medical treatment, but she needed a forever home and a kind owner as she is a stray.

Credit: Disney+

However, with her special appearance, the black-and-white cat is going to have no problem finding a forever home. We are sure that the rescue organization will be inundated with applications as soon as they put her up for adoption.

Credit: Jana Aviles

After receiving thousands of likes and comments on the post, Aviles decided to use her reach to spread an important message about adopting animals. She reminded everyone that it’s all well and good commenting that they want to adopt this Yoda cat, but there are millions more like her.

Credit: Jana Aviles

“There is only ONE Yoda cat, so there is only ONE home out there for her,’ she wrote. ‘So many people have offered to travel across the country to adopt this cat, and even people from other countries have reached out to me.”

Credit: Jana Aviles

Jane has not since updated the post to show whether the kitty was adopted by someone, but we hope that she will find her forever home in time for Christmas.

Credit: Jana Aviles

Check your local animal shelters because there are many other cats that are in need of homes. If you love this post, please share it with your friends to spread the importance of adopting animals.

h/t: ladbible

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