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This Cute Kitten Has Priceless Reaction When His Friend Gives Him A Nibble

There’s only one thing better than cute animals – cute baby animals. Just like our babies, baby animals are curious and naive, so they sometimes have the best reactions to everything in the world. And these two kittens in this post are an adorable example of this.

As you can see in the video, the squirmy tabby on the left is so happy and clearly wants to play with his tuxedo friend on the right. So, the mischievous kitten decides to put his paw in his friend’s mouth. Unfortunately, the tuxedo is grooming and cleaning his paw, so he gives the tabby a nibble. And the tabby has priceless reaction after getting nibbled.

Watch the video below!

Moooom, he bit me!

People are falling in love with him because the way he waves his tiny paw is too cute. Thankfully, the playful tabby recovers quickly, and goes right back to his game. Although the tuxedo bit him, he still hugs and cuddles with his friend. It’s so sweet!

Biting is a form of communication for cats. They can bite for more than a few reasons: fear, aggression or defensiveness. But we think that this is a love bite which usually happens when the friendly and sweet cats play together. And that is the reason why they are completely adorable.

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