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This Affectionate Cat Won’t Let His Human Leave For Work

While some people may think cats are aloof and don’t easily show their love to their owners, there are actually some cats who are quite clingy. These cats demand attention, even when their humans are working or doing something around the house. And the adorable cat named Jax in the video below is one of those very clingy cats.

This kitten Jax wants to be with his mom all the time and shows how much he loves her. So, every day when his mom tries to leave the house or does something, he climbs her shoulder to snuggle and cuddle. The feline meows and rubs against her neck as she tries to leave.

Anyone who has lived with a cat knows they can be just as affectionate and loving with their owners. If you don’t believe, just take a look at the video below to see what Jax the cat did to make his human stay while trying to leave. Some may call it annoying, but this cat just really loves his human.

Watch the video below!

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