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Thirsty Armadillo Was So Happy When Someone Stopped To Give Him A Drink

One day, Giovani was driving a truck along an arid stretch of road in Mato Grosso, Brazil, when he noticed a small obstruction ahead. He decided to stop and get out of his truck to take a closer look — and he found a thirsty and exhausted armadillo.

“I could see he was not well,” Giovani told The Dodo. “It felt like he was asking me for something …for some help.”

Remembering he had a tank of water on his truck, Giovani decided to help the poor animal. He quickly placed the armadillo under the water spigot and opened it. The cuteness that ensued was just too much!!


This little armadillo seemed absolutely delighted to finally have some water. It was so grateful to his savior that it grabbed onto Giovani’s hand and gave him a little lick to thank him before moving into a new place.

Giovani looked at the armadillo when it basked in the refreshing stream and waited until it seemed he’d had his fill. Then, he took the armadillo to a safe place, and gave him a banana just in case he was hungry, too.

“I left him on the edge of the woods,” Giovani said. “He was much better.”

Sometimes, the simplest of gestures can make the biggest difference. Watch the video above to see this adorable little guy get his thirst quenched.

There are still good people out in this world, bless them. If you love Giovani and his kindness, let’s share this post to spread love and kindness to everyone in your life.

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