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These Adorable Pics Will Prove Cows Are Basically Just Really Big Dogs

Cows are the most common type of large domesticated ungulates, which are commonly raised as livestock for meat and milk. They will flee when attacked, but bulls will defend the cows and attack you. However, sometimes, some cows act just like giant dogs, wanting to play and cuddle. They give kisses, get curious, play with a ball and enjoy good old back rub. They’ll even curl up with you when they’re feeling tuckered out, which seems like a pretty normal thing for a dog to do but strange for a cow.

For this reason, we would like to share with you a compilation of cow photos that will prove cows are more similar to dogs than you think. We hope canine disguised as a cow will lift your “mooood”. Scroll down to enjoy!

#1 A Cuddly Scottish Cow

#2 Dogs Love Cows Too

#3 This Sweet Baby Cow

#4 Cows Will Be Your Friend If You Treat Them Nicely

#5 My Cow Thinks He’s A Dog… We Left The Door Open For 5 Minutes

#6 Cow Snuggles

#7 Cow Catching Snowflakes On His Tongue

#8 So I Was Out Walking My Mini Cow When Howie Mandel Stopped For A Picture

#9 Cows Are Extremely Curious Creatures

#10 Baby Cow That Likes To Cuddle