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These 30 Hilarious Cats Think They’re Growing Plants

16. Ah, the domestic house plant cat.

17. This plant’s a little droopy.

18. Can you get any cuter than this? Seriously?

19. Sure he doesn’t fit, but what else is this pot for?

20. “Maybe if I hold still enough she’ll think I’m an adorable shrub.”

21. This Chia Pet is incredibly realistic.

22. Look! A new bud on your plant.

23. Snoozing amongst the plants just feels so right.

24. Here we have a rare species of sun floof.

25. Oh, what a life of leisure.

26. “Think they’ll find me in here?”

27. “When you’re out in the wild, camouflage is the name of the game.”

28. “What, plants don’t have ears?”

29. This cat plant is just about ready for pickin’.

30. Now this is a succulent we’ve never seen!

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